How we Operate

Chris. O. Okunowo & Co. has vast and valuable experience in both the general Banking law and practice, commercial and security regulatory sectors, and has provided extensive strategic advisory services on several domestic and international projects, with a core modus operandi that appreciates our clients yearning for a firm with:

Deploy Expertise

Ability to deploy expertise and proffer solutions to legal, regulatory, financial and commercial

Generate Ideas

The capacity to generate ideas, as well as identify and create opportunities

Appreciation of Transaction

Sound appreciation of transaction structures and re-structuring techniques

Proactive Approach

A proactive and commercial approach to legal and financial issues

Our Practice Principles

Our dedicated legal team will demonstrate these qualities and more, in the hope that with each task, the firm will again find its reward and build on its esteem with demonstrable outstanding success recorded. Accordingly, Chris. O. Okunowo & Co’s covenant is to bring all these attributes to bear on our service and work, which are characterized by:

Vast Experience

Unparalleled experience in general legal and aviation issues

Adaptive Capacity

Strong adaptive capacity and constructive perspectives

Finance Arrangement

Significant expertise in advising and implementing project finance arrangements

Commercial Minded

Commercial minded individuals with a record of team-working with clients and their advisers

Team Minded

A “team-mind” freed from conventional mindset, but infused with sharp insight

Discounted Rates

A willingness to offer discounted rates and a reasonable fee structure that provides us with every incentive to help in ensuring the successful closure of our brief